Grand National Betting

Grand National Betting

The Grand National is the biggest sports betting event in the UK - it is the one horse race when very few fail to back a horse or become involved in some sort of syndicate. It is the time of year when all bookmakers rub their hands together with glee, knowing that more often than not, that the race will produce their biggest return of any other individual sporting event during the year.

In fairness to the Bookmakers most are very generous with their odds for the Grand National which they back up with a variety of Grand National free bets. They also offer a variety of betting markets for the race which we list below to give the reader and punter a clearer understanding of what bets can be made and which are the best value.

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Grand National - Outright Win Bet

This is a very simple and very popular type of bet, where punters make a selection and back the horse to win only. There is no restriction on how many horses can be backed in the race, it has been known for punters to back every horse in the race before now. Had they have done so last year with a £1 stake on every horse for instance, they would have laid out £40 and would have had a return of £100 giving them a profit of £60. That sounds great of course but the reason why they got a £100 return was because the 2009 Grand National Winner, Mon Mome was a complete outsider with Grand National odds of 100/1 and became only the second horse in over 40 years to win the race with odds of 100/1; the last one being Foinavon in 1967.

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Grand National Each Way Bet

This is a very popular method of betting on the Grand National and is a bet where the stake effectively is divided into two separate bets. For example a £10 each way bet on Mon Mome at 100/1 in the 2009 Grand National, would have meant that £5 would have been laid for Mon Mome to win the race and the second £5 would have been staked for Mon Mome to finish in the places. The return therefore would have been £500 on the first part of the bet and £125 for the second part of the bet. The place return it should be remembered is quarter of the original odds and the places for the Grand National is usually for the first five past the post - although some Bookmakers pay on the first six.

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Dual Forecast

This can be very lucrative if it pays off, but the requirement is to pick the first two home in the correct order. Had Mon Mome (100/1) and Comply Or Die (14/1) been selected to finish first and second with a £1 pound stake in 2009, the return would have been £1400. This calculation being simply 100 x 14 which were the prices of the two horses; this bet can also be made using an each way method, where it would not have mattered who won or who was second. But the return would once again have been quarter of the odds, therefore the return would have been £350.

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Grand National - Other Betting Markets

There are many different types of markets that are created by Bookmakers, most of which are of a fun nature and should not be taken too seriously. These include

  • How Many Finishers
  • Irish Winner
  • Certain Trainers to train the Winner
  • Certain Jockey to Ride Winner
  • Certain Horses to be Placed
  • Which Fence will Claim Most Victims

The truth is that there will be lots of other markets but those listed above are the core betting methods and punters should not necessarily be distracted from those. Access to these markets will be available via this site nearer the time of the race.

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